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Providing accessible specialist care for all patients.

Dr Kyle is passionate about providing timely & accessible specialist care to all patients.  A consultation with Dr Kyle is always required before any procedure can be scheduled so that you (or your patient) can make an informed choice about your health care.


For Minor Operations Patients (Surgical Procedure at Capestone Village Family Practice): Dr Kyle operates as a 'Mixed-Billing Practitioner'. Billing is through Department of Veteran's Affairs (with no patient gap-fee) or Medicare (with a patient gap-fee), so patients can benefit from private surgical care without private health insurance. Often, patients who see Dr Kyle will have their specialist consultation followed by their minor surgical procedure on the same day or following week/s. There is no need for long waiting-lists & your patient is able to access specialist quality care.


For Hospital Admission Patients: Dr Kyle accepts patients with WorkCover & Department of Veteran's Affairs funding, in addition to Self-Funding (with a Medicare Benefit for eligible patients) & Private Health Insured patients.

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